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A taste of tradition in the heart of the city

Guests of the Atlantico can benefit from the rooftop restaurant and bar located in the neighbouring Hotel Mediterraneo. The Rooftop offers breath-taking views of the city, where guests can enjoy a glass of prosecco at sunset or enjoy dinner with a wide choice of seafood and regional Italian dishes with a modern twist. For more traditional Roman cuisine, guests can visit the Massimo d’Azeglio just across the street. Both restaurants have a relaxed atmosphere, well-stocked bars, and accommodate vegetarian and vegan options.

Roof Garden Bettoja

At the 10th floor of the hotel, perched on Rome’s highest hill, the Esquilino, is the amazing "Roof-garden" Restaurant & Bar.The rooftop terrace offers breathtaking views of Rome and its surrounding hills.


Polene Breakfast Room

The stunning room is embellished with original Vietri hand painted ceramic floors and features marine details such as tritons and mermaids carved in oak- recalling the name of the Hotel Mediterraneo. 



Bar 21

A celebration of Art Dèco, Bar 21 invites you to explore a variety of timeless cocktails in a luscious setting . This is the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of red wine, a quick snack after your walking tour, or a relaxing moment at the end of a business day


Sala Mosaico

The Sala Mosaico takes its name from the imposing mosaic depicting a hunting scene located at the end of the room. 

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